America on Earth, God in Heaven!

The idea is focused on visualizing one of the most banal events that I’ve faced in my everyday postwar life. I was curious to figure out this phenomenon: how do people build their belief in things they want to believe in, and how are they able to make up all the stories they decide to believe in, just in order to convince you that they’re right. People like to exaggerate because it puts them at the center of attention and sometimes makes them look more convincing. My video illustrates this approach. The protagonist of this video, my brother, tells a story about the power of the USA. Kosovarian people, even although they know that the USA is not as strong as in my brother’s story, continue to create legends about United States as Super Power or God on the earth. That all started because the USA intervene military in Kosova and saved their lives in the last Balkan war. It’s hard for people to find a way to gratitude. The Kosovarian way was to talk about America as if it were the world itself.