00:01:03:02 (no comment)

The images of the video ” 00:01:13:02 ” have been captured on 31-th of December 2004 before and after the midnight of the New Year Eve. Shooting is made with handy-cam, because the aim of the video has been to catch the directly impression of the celebration in the city which looks like “home made video” this aims to give the true account of witness of an extraordinary event that happened in the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina. This type of reportage could be shown on TV programs such as “No Comment”. Also this rareness night of Prishtina happened earlier, the willness to celebrate and to enjoy the coming New Year is a matter of blowing up an canonize, skyrocket explosive, where from an outside look this celebration transforms into collective nightmare. The background of a bastard architecture in times of socialism, in unlighted streets, within all those war wounds and postwar anarchies, celebration of the New Year Eve in Prishtina almost in any kind of aspect is showed as freaky night anarchist, of a scene where civil war is proceeding.

The destination of other TV reportages that showed the event like common simulation gladness, they sing and dance. I wanted to show the reality of an urban wild , where the youth of Prishtina they celebrate the New Year’s Eve walking in the streets like a night shadow and the only “JOY” consists of erupting the skyrockets.