Inspiring butterflies have been signaling a “chip” installed in my head for some time now. They are already translated/transformed into ideas. This chip is self-restrainable, and is resisting for a while. Who knows, maybe it is observing carefully in order to unfold when the need for expressing is unbearable and suffocating. Ideas stand in abeyance (un concretized) waiting for their visualization, in this world or in another one. They are inside the chip. Untouchable and unreachable, because they are inside the head.
Every attempt of myself to recreate chips (mine or of the other potential artists) regardless of the existing ones (which are indivisible part of our lives), and the resemblance to them, is simply unavoidable in the technological world. Furthermore, some are completely the same.
In this case, the idea of creating/installing these chips surfaces simply to return to the memory again, by sharing the ideas with the others, even if they are nonexistent in a physical sense. Probably in order to experience them once more and closer, aiming to stimulate one to maybe get back to them, to materialize them, to make them touchable and attainable. Finally, to put them out of the personal exclusivity.
The background sounds (Dense urban traffic sounds) of the video has been chosen in order, just to gave the true account of witness of an dynamically lifestyle of the artists all around the world.
Today we find such chips in the baggage of every Artist. Therefore, the display of the chips will be a call for the Artists. A call which gives not only a personal meaning and expansion, but an all-encompassing one. On the contrary, in the future (if they do not materialize in the form of artworks), these chips will be seen/remain as contemporary relics.