Flirting with Leftovers

From material evidence in Kosovo, there is a considerable number of abandoned modern-architecture buildings which are unstudied (and uncatalogued) in regards to their architectural, historical, cultural, and social values. Currently, we live in a time when one’s attention is dominated by the representation rather than the very presence/existence of a certain entity. Ironically, the experience of buildings is also mediated through their representation. Could an artistic action provoke the experience of a building by avoiding and transposing the story/meaning represented by the building in question. Could one provoke the perception of the building in question as an experience? Could the presence of a building be brought back, and is it possible to reconstruct it? Could the arbitrary choice of the citizens be legitimized as a determinant and a decision-making mechanism for their own needs?

These issues are explored through an artistic intervention at the building of the former “Mars Restaurant” located at Kodra e Trimave neighborhood in Prishtina.

This intervention presents the approach to this issue as a starting-point, not to offer a solution, but rather to highlight it in order to generate a discourse in several different professional levels, as well as to address it to decision-makers, who are consequently the ones to determine the fate of these buildings.

Photo by: Majlinda Hoxha